Youth vs. experience in cricket

So many cricketing experts have been constantly talking about the performance and talents between youth and experience in cricket. Cricket is a game where one could see and find the age of the game to be the most minimal ones. It is true after touching the age of thirty years we do find plenty of difficulties for players who are not so fit to compete with the modern day cricket. Now-a-days the level of competitiveness has been risen to such a level whereas player one need to be equally efficient and performance oriented in order to achieve greatness and continue what they strive for and show the performance orientations of their cricketing limits. May times, we have seen the players with many reputations have failed to retrieve their own performances after the age of thirty years.

It is important for players to understand that it is the same sort of fitness that should enable them to perform and coerce with their own talents to find out the most efficient form of excellence. We have seen yesteryear greats of Indian cricket such as Sunil Gavaskar has been the fittest player in sleeps taking innumerable of catches out there and such catches are very difficult to take, but he took it as if the easiest catch of lot. This goes on to prove the amount of fitness these players have been into and the consistencies involving the presence of such and such wonderful elements in devising the multi prolonged strategies of staying in numero one even after getting so much of experiences.

Here we should mention the fitness level of Kapil Dev which showcase the brilliant running catch in World Cup 1983 where he took the catch of Vivian Richards in the finals against West Indies. That was a superlative running catch and if that was not there then that the match should be out of pocket as well as the World Cup. This shows the amount of fitness of the player like Kapil Dev the fast bowler and still-to-date highest wicket taker of India in terms of fast bowling. It goes on to show that with complete fitness one could also overcome all sorts of faults in cricketing techniques in terms of batting or bowling to produce one of the most wonderful cricketing career of all times.

With the advent of complete fitness we should see the end of the gap between the youth and the experience as there are instances of how experiences people overcome the difficulties level to power with the most important career progressions. Here we could call the fitness level of Robin Singh and Johnty Rhodes. Robin Singh came at the sunset of his career to the Indian team and excelled brilliantly with his fielding and all round capabilities. Due to his wonderful fielding capabilities, Robin Singh creates a different zone for his personality with driving and taking and attacking the fielding ball with new skills. Then come Yuvraj Singh and Kaif who excel brilliantly in the field and took ultra classic catches to dismiss the opposition batters.

Johnty Rhodes is phenomenal and he continues to stay in the team for longer run only due to his marvellous fielding efforts. Even today, as the fielding coach of Mumbai Indians we could see the fitness level of Johnty Rhodes and that make, us not to think he had retired a way long back but his fitness level is par excellence and praiseworthy. In the current Indian team, the fitness level of experienced Dhoni, India One Day International captain proves to be the milestone and one of better admired cricketers of the world. India’s best captain Virat Kohli’s fitness is praise worthy and Ravinder Jadeja’s tremendous fitness as well as the zeal to excel in this category of cricket makes him the single most admirable player to watch for.

At last it is important to understand the role of fitness even if you are youth or experienced ones as the course of fitness should guide you to perform and excel in every field of proportions whether we deal with the managed phenomenon to understand what constitutes the best for performance and it is the performance that matters the most. There does not have youth and experience but the importance of performance which matters the most. The most significant part of performance is fit and the ability to cope better with difficult circumstances of game play.

Many cricket cricket critics and media managers in India are found to be dwelling unnecessarily on a self-created controversy and comparision between the past and the present,the experienced and the budding without,in fact,making any indepth study of cricketing abilities and requirements,performances and sensibilities in the context of the game.

The young and the experienced are complimentary to each other and it is the game of cricket that predominates tne both.merely because somebody is older than somebody else does not necessarily mean that the later is better than the former or vice versa so long as either of them continues to give superlative performance and lucid consistency. Both greenidge and haynes of west indies were in their late 30s or early 40s when they continued to mismerise the world by their batting abilities.bob simpson in his mid-40s staged wonderful comeback for australia and saved a test series against india when their best team was hijacked by kerry packer.

Gavasker was the undisputed batting maestro of the world when he called it a day when he was 39.of course,nobody knows what will happen to indian cricket when tendulkar retires.all three big men of indian cricket have acquired skill over a long period of time and without them it has been proved time and again that we cannot draw matches what to speak of winning any.hence,it is imperative that no indian team can be thought of without them until real replacements of oft-proven talents are available in the country.

They are indispensible to the team so long as their replacements continue to elude the indian cricketing firmament.winning 20/20 is definitely creditable ; but it is merely a flash in the pan as the budding youngsters are proving to be non-performing assets in the bigger version of the game,viz. 50/50 or test cricket where patience, perseverance,concentration,keenness and endurance are touch-stones of success.

However,whatever a section of critics may feel,the fact remains that the lovers of the game are performance-thirsty and non-performing youths are in no way better than performing old country in recent years has changed its old players to give chances to new ones.exception may be the Zimbabwean team ; but with what result! The cricket team of Zimbabwe is at the bottom of the ranking table and even debarred from playing test cricket for two years for their sip-sod performance.

We may therefore safely conclude that experience should not be allowed to suffer in the name of youth and youth should not be neglected in the name of non-performing experience. Performance-oriented selection has to be the guiding force if India is to make an indelible impact in the cricketing world with more focus on talent-hunt on cross-country basis without any zonal or age bias.our recent world cup failure in 50/50 category is the outcome of the mindset that it is the youth rather than the experienced which are going to deliver.

Too much hang-over produced a situation where- whom- to- prefer- over- whom landed us in a situation where performance was sidelined and the topsy-turvy batting order showed every player in a new role with novice performance as they were learning the trick of the trade in respective batting positions for the first time.

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