Youth vs Experience in Cricket

Sports is the game where we do find plenty of attachments towards younger generations as sports needs plenty of amount of energy and enthusiasm towards playing for the best. Many say that it is for the youngster but there are cases when we do find that there are exceptions when we take the support of elders or experience player most of them have some exceptional qualities. Most of exceptional players even though they become experience and at the end of their career tend to stay within team.

Then the question arises whether these players are adding values to the team or they are degrading performance of team so that the winnability factor becomes far lesser. From time to time even for some exceptional players they tend to fall from their highest performance and still in team and that can hamper team’s winning formulae in the long term. In indirect manner they can be stopping layers to perform and younger ones to step into their shoes.

Sports and especially the cricket is such that it is the right time to pick and then allow players to choose at right time otherwise form are not permanent but class is but class comes to the centerstage when there is the players have the openings to perform. Performance of everything that matters the most and ultimately the winnability factor is of prime importance.

Good team sees this and then it advises the experience players when they should take retirement so that this should not be affecting winnable performance of their team. Also the performance of younger players matters when they are knocking the doors then selectors have to select either from experience or from youngster. At no such occasion any youngster should be left out due to presence of large umber of experience players.

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This should sound some awkwardness but one should see how the winning percentages of team matters the most and for this one should understand that the process of understanding these in terms of various factors, as sports is the game of youngsters and due to avent of professionalisms as well as modern game play we need more and more younger players to come forward and some sort of experiences of international playing so that  ultimately when we do play bigger tournaments ours team set up and permanent structure and winning ability.

Take the example of Sri Lanka cricket team and once it was full of champion players such as Jayasurya, Sangakar, Mahela jayawardene, Vaas, Muralitharan and then all of a sudden all of these experience players hung their boots. Instead of allowing younger player step by step they do not allow this and most of experience players played for long and then their retirement and this spells doom for their tema and ultimately their team is now full of new players and have hardly any experience with them.

What it makes to the team is there due to lack of alternatives in the long run when the experience players do retire as no one can play forever then the vacant that emerges due to this makes the performance of the team below par. So, it is for selectors, team management to decide upon the future course of action and see what will be the future of the team as a whole not thinking about individuals per se.

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