Windows XP end of life and Windows 8.1 migration

Windows XP is the most popular operating system from Microsoft. For the first time, users find a beautiful set up of installation where one could generally use different functionalities with utter easiness and find each facet of usage allowances which are mostly easier to use. Only downside of Windows XP is that it is not so futuristic at most times.

Popularity chart of it comes out in the form of a dichotomy of the advent of plenty of security problems which arise with this operating system.
It was nearly saddest part of life is that this operating system has to undergo such strenuous state of absurdness and be wilderness in terms of updates and other forms of security parameters.

Single source of creation of large scale of malwares for this operating system comes from the single most fact from its way it handles its updating practices. Most times, updating processes of Windows XP are open as from the start menu. User has to click on Microsoft updates and then internet explorer open from there.

It will slowly connect Microsoft server and then the process of updates starts. It is much simpler and easier process which is unwarranted as most times entire process could be better case for hacking and probing to different hacked areas of computers.

From Microsoft, there have been some of very genuine and absolute efforts to enhance and augment experience of users in terms of newer technology in the internet world. Whatever we say today, still to date, it is utmost clear that internet is popular because of Windows XP and it creates the largest up of user base all over the world and that also brings about different form of internet malwares.

Sometimes, it comes to mind though it might not be true but most times. All these disturbances of Windows XP come after its second service pack updates, which come after almost two months of the initial release of Windows XP. It is a measure upgrade to the previous version as for the first time. Microsoft allows installation of third party security products and security center recognizes some of the third party products.

For me, this is the most significant mistake Microsoft ever has done this? Windows is a proprietary operating system from Microsoft, and it should not have ever allowed space for third party security products. I have personally feel that most of disturbances being faced by Windows XP comes from simple fact that, it could have been due to some rogue antivirus companies, who could gain administrative rights by adhering policies of Microsoft on security center and that could spell immense problem for them in the long run.

Question may raise here, what would some third party antivirus companies would gain by interfering with security settings of Microsoft. There are some critical issues attached to it as there are huge competitions among different software vendors to issue updated critical patch as soon as possible.

Otherwise, no other operating system of Microsoft has faced similar situations that have been faced by Windows XP still to date. It has been a great deal difficulties in terms of security of this most popular operating system.

Significant time during the process of Windows XP, Microsoft forgets to update its internet explorer, which is single most prominent route of all malwares to intrude into the operating system. It is the saddest part that after stiff competitions faced from likes of Mozilla, Google and the Opera, it then decides to update its oldest internet web browsers.

Subsequently, in terms of its implementation and performances wise, it performs nicely but many analysts would feel it is that drop of some years in development of internet explorer that harm Windows XP operating system in totality.

Subsequently, some of direct web functionalities attached with desktop which generates different wallpapers in different time zones, lead to direct invasion of viruses into desktop. If someone compares it with Windows 8, it is almost clear that there is still large scale of improvements in terms of complete networking needs to be done at this point of time.

It has been single most different conceptualized and attentive disturbances where most of times, all sorts of disturbances comes upon to the fact that almost all sorts of intrusions are open for attackers where most of times we would find the single attacking point where all exclusive control of all sorts of attack zones comes to the forefront.

Windows XP is a beautiful operating system. It should not be remembered for its large scale of continuous patches as well as cumulative updates. Slowly, every operating system comes to its age and slowly it dies as Microsoft stops supporting but some operating systems stays in the foot print and memory zones of every operating systems where people in generalized still remember those even long after their extinction.

Windows XP is one of that sort of operating system where we would find different conceptualized form of different functionality but still we love to hate it. May be I am not so sure about it as I still love it and still love its graphical user interface and would be supporting still to date no doubt about it. After a decade, I still love Windows XP, as its GUI is simply stunning and the way all sorts of appearance levels is being demonstrated is simply makes me amazing and stunning that it imprints foot prints in the minds of mine as its start menu is still not there with Windows 8.

At the time of updating this article, I am also simultaneously updating Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and I read all over the internet about how Start Menu is back with Windows 8.1 operating system. While reaching to Charms Menu, I found email from user account email that within shortest period of times, Microsoft would be providing free to users of Windows 10, which would be soon to be launched and in this way, users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 could now use Windows 10 for free without further spending and purchasing of this newer operating system.

It is true, as Microsoft began implementing hardware security measures which ultimately prove to be single most security parameters, which have provided exclusive stops of invasion of malwares into user’s computers. At some point of time one need to look beyond and understand different dynamic aspects of different mechanized versions of how Windows works?

That is why the single important factor deals with Microsoft computing come from the very fact that it is the single most secure form of operating system and even utmost critics would never ever have some sort of courage to criticize Windows 8.

That is why most of times, users find it the single most beautiful to use this operating system as most of times, security of data and computer is single most important factor as in modern times the way flow of data comes into desktop and most of times security of data and personal privacy is single most important and Microsoft have learnt all these traits from its failure to completely protect Windows XP.

It is good Microsoft learns this as it all started from Windows Vista and then with Windows 7 it augmented but absolute success in dealing with operating system comes from the successful launching of Windows 8 as the securest form of operating system.

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