Human is the best life from all over the universe. There are no other such existences of life anywhere around the world. So far there are no knowledge sources to authenticate such ideas that any other life is better than humans around the universe. Even we have not found any such trace in and around our own solar system.

Best parts of humans are that they have a beautiful mind which has so many nerves with plenty of ideas falling within it. Most of these ideas aim to create betterment of life and generate maximum optimization from within source of search processes.

Then why most of these minds are using negative senses? 

Why these minds failed to stop when generation of negative ideas comes about at any point of actions? Why one has to study enough and generate different form of ideas in order to amplify the generation of minds from within different set up culmination of fragmentation thoughts?

Why humans most times failed to understand what life is about and why set up of compassionate advantages comes forward. That is why come the rare bad to worse phenomena in humans when they try to alter set up ideas and try to make it the single most disastrous happening in lifetime.

Passive attacks from wicked minds:

Most of these humans get happiness out of creating saddens of people all around it. These are mostly unwarranted and not necessary. These generate a set of passive outcomes of reaching to different dynamics and trespassing ideas of others which are mostly unwarranted and not necessary. Life is full of happenings and most of these incidents reach to different tones due to complete alternations of ideas.

The hearsay elements come from ear to ear and altered due to the advent of environmental variables which are mostly unwanted and not necessary. Most of these wicked minds aims to compare their life with others and trespassing their thought processes by completely absorbing different set up ideas without any such need for comparisons.

Selfishness comes from degenerating superior complexes:

While doing so and performing so one finds out that all these tend to go to a specific set up selfishness which is mostly not necessary. Selfishness comes about through the process of superiority complexes which are mostly troublesome to comprehend and take back with you. Life is not a specific set up different dynamics; it is the single most happenings of a chain of unique elements of life.

These chains alter completely, when external forces try hard to influence and make a success while performing single most transitions from one segment to the other. Life is not about bricks and balances; life is full of different forces which alter from one segment to the other without any exterior influences. Greatest discovery of life is language we speak and the specific correspondence we do to exchange our view from one set up segment to the other.

Why some wicked minds come forward and change the course of correspondence with one another with large scale of interior motives. In these times of difficulties good persons need to stop the conversation and do not use large scale of mouth but use large set up an ear to hear everything that comes out of different set up of a series of conversations.


Good people in these controversial moments need to stay calm does not open their own mouths as most times. Bad people take the leaf out of good thoughts of people and modify the set up words to make it worse than ever before.


Joy of happiness is like taste of sugar:


We all are fond of sweets as it provides us utter sense of joy and happiness after we taste sugar related products. Similarly, talks in relation with sweetness would suffice to give us determined proficiency as well as promised level of advancements where each bonds would strengthened with due course of times and each happenings in relation with joy and merry make would provide a stronger satiable solutions to each set up of conflicting counter instances.

Most times, there are minds of people who are in constantly hunt for such negative links that would lengthen and prolonged each passage of reasoning thus provides additional aid for advancement of thoughts. This would further tether togetherness among different set up systematic classes and provides ample opportunity to deal with dynamics of defined dos and don’ts without any due diligence.

In haunt for civil thoughts:

Life is full of funny as well as frightening fanaticisms of different dynamics where each time devolution of ideas as well as inventions iterated comes in the countered of coincidences where each civil thoughts must go through series of saturated filters within worthy framework of inner nervous system so that with proper checks and balances each segments sought the perfect picture of passive moments where each dynamics is being checked within.

It is somewhat tenets of misconception that multiple managers of thoughts come from a time line of trusted credential where cost of talk would not hurt others but deliverance aiming of hurting would further finite the far away movements were each seconds matters the most.

Evil minds have longer hands:

No one could stop evil minds of spreading illnesses among different genres were possibly fundamental ideas of correspondence probably point to pin-point ideas of evil overtones to deliberately hurt people to create further disturbances within normal environments. Life never stops of surprising anyone, so do with different set up of people whose sole aim is to disturb life of others at the cost of theirs.

All these sadistic pleasures lead to further open up of different illusions as well as evil intention of naughty persona were within passage of each facets of time we would be finding different connotations to the same set of environments. Most times, the distance a single set up of correspondence passes goes within different set up environments which are full of pollutions beginning with sound to air.

All these so called specific set up pollutions leads to slow down in frequency of sounds from one another as well as it changes the levels of pitches where the original organic voice holder initially aims to send to receivers. All these points of distance lead to further broke down in correspondence though due to all environmental concerns.

Most of times, elements related with environmental concerns certainly does not held good for persons but the most difficult part of all these changes of correspondence generates from the fact that all these would become a single bone of contention when all these difficulties are originated from the wicked minds.

Environmental variables are always unaffected and with due course of time people tend to understand it and slowly knows about different constant variables without any such ulterior motives.

Experience counts:

The words generated from wicked minds are so strong and dynamic that most times it is difficult to understand what generates from a single source and this way most of the times these wicked minds able to generate disturbances from within larger setup populated mind set. In these circumstances, generation of defined logic does not hold any good at all.

Here, experience counts and experience elders would be able to catch hold of all these wicked intentions without any such difficulties and let it pass to juniors without any delay. That is why experience counts and times. These generations of experience create the most stubborn and important antecedents where any such wicked personalities would not be able to survive in front of their experience.

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