Choose How Windows Can install updates:

The computer is essential. In order to perform daily tasks and bigger work environment, it is the most potential helpful machine-human ever had. We are living in the era of faster computing and super fast internet. When the price of internet is fast decreasing and providing more and more options for internet and that too with super speed then it is important to take care of these devices which interact with the internet and for this, it is essential to understand and set up proper security mechanisms within the computing environment.

Secure your Windows computer completely with Windows Updates:

The first step for a proper security environment is to enable automatic updates for Windows. In this way, you will receive updates for Windows and other products and your computer will be patched to the latest security updated and improvements. This comes directly from Microsoft and with due course of time, we have seen due to the increase in the speed of internet patching these windows computers come within seconds.

Windows updates are additions to software that are like security patches to this software so as to improve your computer work environment and enhance your computing service. From time to time it will periodically let you know about various software notifications, about programs which can improve your computing work environment. After receiving these updates you can install whichever software to install after connecting internet.

It is recommended to turn off automatic Windows updates so that whenever Microsoft releases updates you will be able to receive those within no time. In this way, your personal computer is patched and secured with latest security updates from Microsoft. In this way, all the Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office and so on are updated automatically.

Choose How Windows Can install updates:

It is important to allow installation of updates even with the standard user account. Most of us do use standard user account from Windows 7 onwards because it secures operating system work environment and does not provide any of difficulties to find that whether by using these updates we can install it even when we are using the standard user account.

Go to Windows Updates and then from its left-hand side go to change settings, and then go to, then tick on “allow users to install updates on this computer“ and then save and then the computer will ask for administrative password and provide it and then save it.

When your computer is online, by allowing every user this option you can allow your computer to install updates automatically so that during each and every computing updates your computer is secured to its latest security updates. When there are new updates are available you can easily install them before shutting down your computer.

During the age of Windows XP from time to time we have to reach to Microsoft Windows Update site to see whether there are any further updates are there are not but with Windows 7 and onwards the updates are done automatically and user does not have to reach to Windows Updates and it automatically check genuineness of Windows and then download updates and ask for installation.

Updates are installed when thee are available and during these course of time if you are online then these are installed automatically and for some updates restart of the computer is necessary and for some, this is not the prerequisite. From time to time you would find that Windows Updates control panel will show you the status of updates and compulsory updates and optional updates and it is for you to devise and find out and then allow installation of these updates.

Updates are downloaded behind the scenes and it does not interfere your work and it automatically downloaded and installed and in this way, you can do your work and in the meantime these updates and installed and from windows taskbar, you can find the status of updates.

In the meantime if your updates are downloaded for some time and still there is download left and your work with computer finished for the day and you turn off it and then in the next day when you connect to internet thee updates are again downloaded, from where it is left and in this way, there is no way yours precious internet is going to be wasted for this.

When you ask ourselves as what is updates that are downloaded the answer is that it all depends upon you and what are the administrative privileges you provide with the computer and the time for downloads and in this ways the updates downloads accordingly.

If your computer is in the state of power saving state such as sleep or in hibernation then windows will see if it is connected to power source and if so then it will wake up computer and install updates and then go to the similar state which you have provided to computer and if you have scheduled installation of updates at scheduled time then it will install updates during those times if your computer is active during the scheduled provisioned time.

In the Windows Update control panel and in left-hand side click on view history to see the list of updates which are successfully updates and the list of updates which are not installed correctly. In this way, you would find the list of updates and see how these updates are installed and how these are providing performances.

If you are very much curious about which updates are to be installed and which updates not then you can choose this such as allow only important updates and so on and in this way, the most critical updates are installed and other updates are completely ignored. If you are using the standard user account for every change you make you need the administrative password as most of these are for administrative privileges only and for this you need to put the administrative password for confirmation.

There will be the time when some of Windows Updates could not be installed, and Windows will notify you about this. There will be from time to time some errors of installing updates, and there are some of the common problems are there and if that persists for a longer time then you should check ack these in order to make amend of these updates.

There can be server problems, internet connection issues, and the number of other factors. If updates could not be installed correctly then it is important first you should restart your computer as well as see whether internet provider is providing a decent internet connection or not as well as see whether the internet pack of yours are there or not and seeing each and every further development you could find the real issues of all of these.

Click Windows Updates and from there review updates and their error messages and in those parts of sequences you will find some error code and if possible connect to internet and search for messages regarding the error codes and then try to find out important information and then follow this information of troubleshooting and see whether updates issues are resolved or not.

Try again to see whether these updates are working again or not. If any of acceptance of license terms of third-party updates requires then do it in order to make the updates happen. Accept license terms and wait for these updates to happen. If you find that you keep on receiving updates, and those are not installed and Windows keep you reminding about this and you find those updates are installed then it is a better idea to hide those messages.

Some updates are done when you have to restart your computer again and in this circumstances, you should restart the computer and in this setup situations, it is better to switch on current connection so that this would not be shut down abruptly. If nothing works at all and you keep getting these messages then it is better to contact Microsoft help and support service and then find out what is the real problem of not updating the computer from time to time.

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